for trader

The Digtal Strategy for trader

Digital Strategy for trader

how trader starts with Brillengut

how trader starts with Brillengut

full freedom for you with Brillengut

full freedom for you with Brillengut


Advantages for you

  • You offer your eye optics a very good sales support
  • You have good chances to win new optics as customers
  • You win a brand positioning at the end customer
  • Brillengut is free

This is how Brillengut works for dealers

You can control your offer at Brillengut with a program which you install with you. In the Brillengut application, you can adjust everything to your liking.

Your optometrists then use your data on your program for their offer to the spectacle wearers.

Through the eyewear community with eye optics, you have the opportunity to attract eye optics as new customers.

You determine how you are seen by the customer. And can track your brand strategy.

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